Praise the Lord that my two-week intensive course on the book of Revelation (February 20 to March 3) went so well. I got off to a very rough start: between my allergies, Blanca's cough (see below) and a clogged filter in my CPAP, I didn't get much sleep for the first week of the course. But I had great students, and the Lord helped me through the class prep despite my tiredness, and the class was a hit.

Praise the Lord that my New Testament introduction course is also going well.

Praise the Lord for the good turnout of youth from the churches in our presbytery, who came to our church in February for a weekend conference on the Lord's Supper, led by lay leader Hernán. Blanca and the other ladies of the church organized the food for the many young people who came. Please pray for our friend Monserrat, who will be leading the youth of our church in a study on how social media affects the Christian life.

Praise for good sessions with my two couples in premarital sessions, Isaac y Suni, y Hernán y Cristian. Today (March 4) is my last session with Isaac and Suni.

We also enjoyed having several of our single female friends working in ministry come over one night in February to eat and play table games. It was such fun for everyone involved that we want to do it again in April.

Praise for an enjoyable meeting on Feb 14 with BTGMI director Kurt Selles. They are talking about expanding their ministry in Mexico, and we talked about possible ways to help them out.

Pray for the mission as it transitions to the as-yet-unnamed New Mission Agency. New leadership structure, new reporting forms, new ways of doing things.

Please pray for safe travel to our regional mission retreat in Oaxaca, March 16 to 21.


Please pray for Blanca's health: on top of her usual insomnia, she also had to deal with a bad cough, caused by the dust kicked up when they demolished the house across the street. The coughing provoked some serious headaches, to the point that Blanca even had to skip her kids' club. She is better now, and she and all of us are enjoying having Blanca's mother here from Miami until March 12.

Please pray for our kids, Daniel and Alexandra. Daniel is applying himself to his studies at TEC, and Alexandra has been studying hard for exams in Spanish and French, which she needs for her school on home service.

Praise the Lord for another year of life for me (my birthday was February 27), and for Alexandra (her birthday will be March 27).


Please pray for our support, which is down, and for our preparations for home service (July 2017 to January 2018). Most of our supporting churches are now scheduled, and it looks as if we have housing that can accommodate our dog Muffin and allow her to come with us. Praise the Lord!


Please pray for US-Mexico relations, the Mexican economic situation, and the effect they have on expat Christian ministry here.